Order the portrait of those you love or give one as a gift!

Step 1: Choose the type of portrait

The original portrait of a child, parents, nephews, grandmother, friends, couple or even a pet? Click on one of the proposals!

Step 2: Choose a color

You can choose from more than 90 colors.

Step 3: Complete the form

Choose the characteristics you want to appear on the table. You can request 8 words or short sentences such as the person's first name, date of birth, character, activities, passions, etc. and up to 28 small symbols ! You can change or complete information in the free field which will help the artist to create the painting. You can also order custom symbols if you can't find what you want in the list offered. If you prefer words in a foreign language other than those offered, check the translation with a specialist because we are not responsible for any error.

Step 4: Upload one or more photos

Send your photos via the form. You can also send them by email to specifying the order number. Before placing your order, you may also receive a free diagnostic of your images to be sure of the good rendering of your personalized canvas photo. The recommended size of the photos is at least 5 MB, and the format in jpg, jpeg or png.

Step 5: Order

Once the form has been completed, select a option payment on our site, you can pay by bank card in complete security.

Step 6: Editing the portrait

After the validation of your order, you will receive within 3 to 4 days a first preview of your portrait by email (check your Spam box). Following receipt of your preview, you can request a first modification from the artist free of charge (ex: words, colors, symbols, but no change of style or photo) so as to refine the creation of your personalized canvas photo and to fully satisfy you. On the other hand, the next modifications will be invoiced 20 by preview. If we need to redo the entire creation from another photo or in a different style, you will be charged € 50 for the creation fee.

Step 7: Send

After confirming the validation of the preview of your portrait, the production of the painting in our workshop will be done under a 5 days (excluding public holidays and exceptional periods). Standard delivery is usually made under 3-4 working days in mainland France (5-6 working days in some countries) from the moment the order leaves our warehouse.


• The artist's creative technique is the association of your photograph with digital painting.
• The painting is printed on a polycotton canvas and varnished.
• Colors are vibrant museum quality.
• HD art printing is done in very high resolution, odorless and solvent free.
• The frame is made of high quality wood.
• Entirely made in France.
• You can, if you wish, accompany the portrait with other paintings offered in the catalog. The model reference and its color can be found at the bottom of the painting, so as not to go wrong with the colors.

table ready to install


Details concerning the photos you will send:

• The quality of your photos is essential for achieving a beautiful portrait.
• The file size must be at least 5 MB.
• Prefer a photo taken by a professional.
• Send multiple photos if possible, from different angles, postures or attitudes.
• Close-ups give better results.
• Prefer photos taken in good weather and in the shade. And without flash.

Details concerning changes and reimbursement:

Full refund of your order BEFORE the portrait is created IS POSSIBLE.
Full refund of your order AFTER the portrait has been created IS NOT POSSIBLE.

The changes requested by the customer are free (writings, colors, symbols). Edits do not include changing style or changing photos as this would require redoing the entire creation.

Indeed all our personalized canvas photos are produced manually using a graphic palette by the artist.   No process is automated, so it requires skilled labor time. This is why if you wish to cancel your order after having received the creation by email, (and before the manufacture and shipping of the painting), a contribution to the creation costs will be requested.  This fixed participation is 50 euros per creation.

The full refund of your order after your validation, manufacture and shipment of your painting is not possible in application of the provisions of article L.121-20-2 of the Consumer Code.

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